Isn’t it time you really loved your home? You know the feeling… There’s that certain room—you want it to feel warm and inviting—like you see in magazines, but something’s not quite right. You love your things—great furniture and artwork…but somehow they just don’t work. You’ve tried rearranging things, but you’re still not happy with how it looks. You’d love a whole new look, but don’t have the time—or money—to start from scratch.


That’s where redesign can help. We create rooms you love, using the things you already own! We start by clearing the room completely to create a clean palette, and assess the room’s highlights and features. Next, we’ll “shop” the rest of your house to uncover hidden treasures you already own that will complement the room. And, in just a few hours with an eye trained to look at balance, scale, texture, color and light, we’ll dramatically transform your space using your own furniture, accessories and artwork. 


The result? A pulled-together designer look and rooms you’ll want to show off, and more importantly, really spend time in. You’ll get the warm, relaxed spaces you always dreamed about—for a lot less than you ever imagined!